The beauty of Washington State is that the diversity in landscape and moderate weather conditions make it ideal for year-round motorcycle trips! If you’ve ever been on a multiday ride, you’re probably familiar with the aches and pains that tend to take the passenger seat. Make the most of your long distance motorcycle ride and avoid discomfort along the way with these tips:

While living in the moment and taking off on a long ride may sound exhilarating and fun, your body will be feeling the impact days after you complete the last mile of a lengthy trip. Plan ahead and start training! Get your body used to being in a fixed riding position for long stretches of time by getting lots of riding time in. Aside from logging more hours on your motorcycle, training the muscle groups you tend to burn out on long rides doesn’t hurt either – focus in on your core and legs to get in tip top shape for your next ride.

Fuel Your Body
Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Whether you’re riding in the heat of summer or cruising through the changing colors of fall, drinking enough water can prevent muscle soreness from developing. Direct exposure to the sun for long periods of time can cause dehydration and fatigue. Make sure you’re eating well before, during and after your ride too. Riding is a physically demanding activity, fuel your body for the journey so you have enough energy to focus on the road.

Practice Proper Posture
After you perform a motorcycle safety inspection, it’s time to hit the road! The way you sit on a motorcycle can make a huge impact on your comfort level throughout a ride. Always try to sit in a neutral position that is both comfortable and allows for quick reaction ability and control. Check in with yourself… are your muscles tensing up? Drop your shoulders, roll out your neck, relax and enjoy the ride!

Wear the Right Gear
Investing in proper motorcycle gear can make a huge difference on a long ride. Sitting on a motorcycle for a long stretch of time in gear that doesn’t feel right can take a toll on your body. Make sure you have enough mobility in your protective gear. Get clothing that fits properly and plan ahead for unexpected weather. Don’t rely on the wind to cool you down – make sure your gear is breathable and always pack waterproof layers!

Take Breaks and Stretch
One of the main causes for those aches and pains on a long ride have to do with sitting in a fixed position, which builds up tension and decreases blood flow in your muscles. Remember to take breaks and stretch! It only takes a few minutes to go through a simple stretching routine, which will take you farther than the time saved by not stopping.

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