Whether it is warmer weather welcoming busier roads or the hustle of holiday travel, it’s an important reminder for everyone – both riders and drivers – to take their road safety seriously not just this summer, but all year long. Below, we’ve laid out the five most common motorcycle issues so you can ride safely and smartly.

  1. Tire Wear. Worn tires lose their ability to perform at peak levels and are an unavoidable common motorcycle issue. But recognizing how quickly your bike’s tires are wearing and what is causing it can help you get the most out of each tire. Premature tire wear is usually caused by improper tire pressure when you ride. Keep an eye on your bike’s tire wear indicator (TWI), usually located on the sidewall, for a signal that it’s time for your tire to be replaced.
  2. Dirt and Debris. The collection of dirt and debris in the interior of your bike is one of the most common motorcycle problems that can cause it to run inefficiently. Be sure to check your maintenance manual and follow the specific instructions on how and how often to clean certain areas on your bike before and after you ride.
  3. Poorly Lubricated Chain. A clean and lubricated motorcycle chain is absolutely essential in preventing catastrophic failure that could result in a snapped chain, binding and locking of the drive train, engine damage, or even a collision. Lubricating your motorcycle chain is a simple, often 15 minutes or less process that should be done every 500-1000 miles.
  4. Fuel System Failure. Many motorcycles have carburetors, while others are fuel-injected. The hoses that run to and from these units can dry out, crack, or fail. To prevent this, you must regularly inspect them and replace when necessary.
  5. Uncharged Batteries. Taking care of your bike’s battery is one of the easier checkmarks on your motorcycle maintenance to-do list. Unfortunately, that’s also why it’s so often overlooked. Remember to keep your bike’s battery clean and charged. It goes a long way towards an extended battery life and preventing an inconvenient breakdown.

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