High Visibility Enforcement combines enforcement, visibility elements, and a publicity strategy to educate the public and promote voluntary compliance with the law.

HVE strategies include checkpoints, extra patrols and increased publicity and warnings to the public. Although forewarning the public might seem counterproductive to apprehending violators, it actually increases the deterrent effect.

Remember: HVE is designed to change unlawful traffic behaviors and reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities. It is not a strategy designed to increase arrests; in fact, it may result in decreased citations over time.

The HVE concept is a departure from traditional law enforcement tactics. HVE incorporates enforcement strategies, such as enhanced patrols using visibility elements designed to make enforcement efforts obvious to the public. It’s supported by publicity and a communication strategy.

The goal of HVE is to make motorists aware of enforcement efforts. Ideally, when the perceived risk of getting caught by law enforcement goes up, the likelihood that people will engage in unsafe driving behaviors goes down.

Examples of high visibility elements:

·      Electronic message boards
·      Pop-up road signs
·      Billboards
·      Specially marked vehicles
·      Specially marked squads
·      Flyers or brochures handed out to motorists

Extra patrols are partially funded by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission with the coordination of the King County Target Zero Task Force. The Task Force brings together representatives from law enforcement, public health, health and human services, transportation and community organizations to coordinate traffic safety campaigns throughout King County.

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