Whether you’re heading out for a long group ride or just riding down the block, motorcycle theft is a real threat. With over 40,000 motorcycles stolen each year in the U.S., it’s important to do what you can to protect yourself and your bike against theft. Here are a few tips we recommend.

  1. Be Picky with Your Parking Spots. Visibility plays a big role in keeping your bike safe. While at home, your best bet is to park your bike in a garage or shed. If that’s not feasible, be sure to conceal your motorcycle with a cover and try parking it on the side of your house or apartment rather than out front. If you’re running errands or out for a quick bite to eat, always park in plain view. Generally, areas with heavy foot traffic are less likely to tempt thieves. The increased risk of getting caught and having witnesses around may scare them off. Staying overnight at a hotel? Try looking for a space right under or near a security camera to deter thieves.
  2. Put Your Bike on Lockdown. It’s very important to lock up your bike when it’s not in use – even at home. Be sure to lock your ignition, forks, and disc brakes. Use a strong, high-quality chain or security cable to attach your motorcycle to a fixed object that’s sturdy, such as a bike rack or a street lamp, which makes your bike difficult to lift. Any lock you use should fit as tightly as possibly so it’s harder for perpetrators to cut or chisel off. When out on a group ride, try locking your bikes together.
  3. Don’t Forget Anti-Theft Tools. While you can’t solely rely on motorcycle anti-theft alarms and GPS devices, they do offer an extra line of defense in preventing theft. Even just a sticker or label that warns of alarmed locks or a GPS tracking system can ward thieves off. Adding an ignition lock or hidden kill switch as part of your arsenal can be of benefit as well.

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