Is motorcycle safety gear important? Seems obvious, right?

Here’s some feedback from our vocal rider community!


“I hear that all the time from riders. All different types of riders, wear all your proper safety gear at all times. Most importantly, invest in proper gear. Don’t just cheap out on whatever is on sale. You can spend more money on your gear than you do on your motorcycle. Easily, hands down. You see me wearing a leather jacket and jeans today, but this lighter jacket actually has padding in it all over shoulders, back, arms. And then these jeans actually have padding in the hips, tailbone, and on the knees. I can’t stress it enough, all the gear, all the time. Invest in proper gear, top of the line, everything, all the time.” — Benjamin Hughes


“When it comes to motorcycle safety gear, that’s probably the most important thing. Good jacket, good gloves, boots, not sandals. Don’t wear shorts. Even when it’s hot, long sleeves. You got to dress for the slide, not for the ride.” — Jon “Fozzy” Fosdick


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