Cinco de Mayo is an exciting day of cultural celebration and appreciation, but with this often alcohol-infused holiday fast approaching, it’s crucial to take a moment to consider the risks that come along with it. Impaired riding on Cinco de Mayo (or any day of the year) threatens your safety and the safety of others on the road – alcohol and drug impairment were the cause of 57 percent of fatalities and 11 percent of serious injuries over the last five years. So while you may want to fiesta like there’s no mañana this Cinco de Mayo, we encourage you to keep the following safety tips in mind:

  1. Stay Alert. Alcohol and drugs significantly impair people’s coordination and reaction time. Even if you are alert and sober, those on the road around you may not be. It is impossible to predict another driver’s moves, so being aware of the heightened risk of a motorcycle crash on Cinco de Mayo is extremely important. Don’t drive if you are feeling tired, or have had anything to drink.
  2. Plan Ahead. If you don’t plan on drinking, but are going out with friends, always have a backup plan just in case you change your mind and decide to have a drink. Whether or not you decide to take your motorcycle out for the night, always communicate with your group to find out if someone has volunteered to be a designated driver. If the group you’re with doesn’t have a designated driver, there are other ways of finding your way home safely, whether it be public transportation, hailing a cab, or using one of the many car services available today.
  3. Report Drunk Drivers. You don’t have to be on the road to spot a drunk driver. Someone leaving a bar or party who has had too much to drink, heading for their vehicle, should be stopped. If you are out on the road and see someone that seems to be under the influence or displays signs of intoxication, pull over and call 9-1-1 immediately.

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