Spring is just around the corner and it may have been a while since you’ve been on your bike. Now is a great time to brush up on Washington State motorcycle laws and safety.

  • Riders must possess Class C, M1, or M2 license, as applicable, or a valid learner’s permit.
  • Riders must wear a DOT-approved helmet in good repair with eye protection.
  • Motorcycles must have a passenger seat and footrests to carry passengers.
  • Headlight and taillight must remain on when riding.
  • Maximum handlebar height is 30” above the seat.
  • Motorcycles must have a left and right mirror.
  • Motorcycles must have working turn signals.
  • Washington State law also requires that all drivers, including motorcyclists, must carry insurance.

Give your bike a once over to ensure everything is in good working order and make sure you meet all the above requirements before you hit the highway. A little upfront time and effort is a small price to pay for a safe and responsible season on the open road.

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